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President’s Message 会长献词

Dr Sky Tan

Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association

Looking back over the past years, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation at everything that RCMA has achieved in 38 years. We are a group of voluntary business owners, each one driven by a passion for design and renovation, and a mission to further improve and develop the industry. I believe that in the decades past, we have successfully fulfilled these objectives while upholding the RCMA public image and brand.

I am especially proud of our RCMA members who have shared and contributed to the association. This includes the management committee who continue to challenge the industry and innovate further. In the last few years alone, we have uplifted the standards of renovation in Singapore and helped to maintain a certain quality while exceeding expectations.

RCMA’s collaboration with CaseTrust continues to be one of the shining examples of the achievements we have strived towards. This is a joint accreditation scheme in which homeowners will be insured with an insurance bond guaranteeing a 100% pay-back on their down-payment. This is one way that RCMA has helped to improve the standards of the industry while offering peace of mind to the general public.

In the last couple of years, RCMA has also collaborated with grassroot organisations and CASE

to share with homeowners the best renovation tips and knowledge. We have participated in many HDB BTO roadshows and other workshops to inform and educate the public in a bid to help Singaporeans get the best out of their renovation experience.

These key initiatives and efforts are just part of RCMA’s steps to grow and improve our community of contractors, renovators and interior designers. One of the fruits of our labour is this Singapore Renovation Guidebook, which is an example of how we create awareness and interest with the homeowners. We have also had a hand in co-organising the Asia Paci c Furniture Fair as a joint association exhibition. We believe in combining our strengths in order to scale it to even greater heights.

I would like to personally thank all the members and seniors for their dedication and hard work despite their busy schedules. The RCMA committee members are driven by passion and a strong belief in the work that we do, and I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to them.

Special thanks also go out to all our friends in other associations, agencies and ministries, such as MND, HDB, BCA, WDA, SPRING, CASE, and SCCCI. RCMA would not have flourished without their continuous support and inspiration.



回首过去的岁月,对于新加坡装修同业商联会在 过去38年内取得的成就充满了感激和赞赏。我们 是由一群志愿企业家组成的团体,每个人都对设 计和装修充满热忱,并且对于进一步改善和发展 这个行业有强烈的使命感。我相信,在过去的几 十年中,我们成功实现了这些目标,同时也维护 了新加坡装修同业商联会的品牌和公众形象。

对那些为新加坡装修同业商联会做出卓越贡献的 会员,我感到非常自豪。这其中就包括了商联会 的管理委员,他们不断接受挑战,致力于行业的 发展和革新。仅在过去几年,我们已提高了新加 坡装修行业的标准,并协助装修商在各方面确保 一定的质量,使整体项目超出预期,达到卓越的 品质。

新加坡装修同业商联会与消费者协会的合作,依 然是商联会最耀眼的成就之一。这个联合认证 计划保障屋主,让他们可享有首期付款的100% 偿还。这是新加坡装修同业商联会为提高行业标 准,让公众对装修商放心所采取的措施之一。

在过去的几年里,新加坡装修同业商联会也与基 层组织和新加坡消费者协会合作,与屋主分享最 优质的装修技巧和知识。我们参予了许多新加坡建屋发展局BTO组屋的路演和讲座,教育公众, 让大家可以享有最佳的装修体验。

以上这些关键的举措和努力,正是新加坡装修同 业商联会为了一步步发展和提高承包商、装修 商、室内设计师的努力之一。我们的努力与付 出,也同时造就了《新加坡房屋装修指南》的诞 生。这本指南验证了我们如何提高屋主对装修行 业的认识和兴趣。此外,我们还协力联办了“亚 太家具展”。我们相信,结合不同组织、机构各 自的优势与力量,才可以将“亚太家具展”推向 更高的发展。

借此,我想感谢所有商联会会员,即便他们工作 再繁忙,仍然为商联辛勤付出。我也要向新加 坡装修同业商联会委员致敬,他们各个对工作 怀抱热忱和坚定信念,我再次向他们表示感恩和 赞赏。

最后还要特别感谢来自其他组织、机构和部门的 朋友们,包括新加坡国家发展部、新加坡建屋发 展局、新加坡建筑学院、世界货运联盟、新加坡 标新局、新加坡消费者协会,和新加坡中华总商 会。没有他们的支持和鼓励,就不会有新加坡装 修同业商联会今天的繁荣。


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