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The Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (or RCMA) is a non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to promote relevant business and improve the quality and standards of the construction and materials supply sector in Singapore.

From its humble beginnings in 1980, RCMA has grown from strength to strength, increasing its membership base to over a hundred today. Along the way, RCMA has surmounted many challenges and initiated numerous policy changes with regards to the interior construction industry in Singapore.

One of RCMA’s most important activities involves engaging various Singaporean statutory boards, such as HDB and URA, in dialogue sessions. These dialogue sessions serve to provide feedback on the state of the industry in the country, highlight concerns which affect the interior construction industry in particular, and formulate minimum standards and guidelines for all licensed contractors. Many of the RCMA-led initiatives have become Parliament-approved legislation, bettering the image and practices of licensed contractors in Singapore.

For its members, RCMA also organises a wealth of activities aimed to engage and improve. Networking sessions and informal get-togethers are held at least once a quarter while seminars and training courses are available for the education of interested members. In particular, RCMA will hold seminars as and when new legislation concerning the industry is introduced, thus ensuring that our members are kept up to date and understand the full implications of any revised regulations.

As homeowners become more knowledgeable and discerning, RCMA continues to be relevant in ensuring standards are met and the reputation of its members and the industry in general is upheld. Members get together to exchange ideas on best-practices and innovations, and this directly improves our service to the general public.

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