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Why join rcma

The overall benefits accrued to our members are varied and conducive to their businesses. Through RCMA, members enjoy opportunities for networking, improving their processes and business models, furthering their own industry education, and are comforted by the knowledge of an established infrastructure supporting their endeavours.

The RCMA constitution provides for every member’s privileges and rights. Through our constitution, fundamental RCMA procedures are laid out, providing our members with standardised avenues for dialogue and recourse. Furthermore, our constitution provides a framework within which our members can operate without fear of partiality or indiscriminate reprisal. The constitution is reviewed every years.

As part of an established body recognised by the Singapore authorities, RCMA members are entitled to accreditation processes and the support of the entire RCMA body. Besides the entitlements, our members also enjoy various perks which come with being part of a structured community of peers.

Do feel free to browse through the rest of this section for a more in-depth look at RCMA’s constitution, membership benefits and entitlements.

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